Well, there is one thing I really can’t understand. The market is full of experts in different niches. Now, let me ask you something.

Do you like shoes, expensive shoes? If yes, when you need a new pair, you go to the shoe store to buy them, right? And when there, do you ask for an extra pair, expecting it will be free? I guess not. How come? Then why do you think it is acceptable to ask me if I can do two events for you for the price of one? Or tell me I am expensive? I have been working in communications for 25 years, so you pay for my experience, know-how, passion, dedication to your project, network, etc.

What is expensive today? Of course, ROI, or how much you get in return, matters a lot. However, the results are measurable. Do you complain when you buy your favourite food? Or premium whiskey? Or a new car? I am sure you don’t because they’d laugh at you. And the solution is so easy: it is your choice. You can choose professional expertise provided by an expert or an average (not so experienced) service provided by someone inexperienced. What does that mean? The expert has invested significant amounts of money and time in education. So, when you hire one, you get the experience and know-how. The expert in any field is like Lamborghini. If you can’t buy one, you will get another car, like Toyota. The same goes for this particular issue. If you can’t pay an expert, you can hire somebody not so experienced. And that’s absolutely OK because, remember, it is your choice. When you tell the expert that his/her services are expensive, you are showing disrespect. You don’t know how much money and time that person invested to become an expert. I am sure you will make the best possible choice when choosing people to cooperate with. Wish you all the luck!